How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Hair By Consumer Reports

Going to face a drug test soon? After all, more and more marijuana drug tests are being required today both by employers and law enforcement officials.

So you’re probably starting to panic and begin wondering …

“How long does it takes for weed to get out of your system?” 

“Why is hair tested for weed?”

“How long does weed stay in your hair?”

“Is it possible to beat a hair test?”

Well, you’re not alone! There are about 94 million people all over the world using weed too and most of them seek for the same answers.

Anyway, consider this to be your lucky day as I will try to answer most of your questions in this article. Are you excited? Then keep on reading below.

How Long Does Your Hair Stores Traces of Weed?

For serious weed smokers who smoke it every day, your urine will show traces of weed for one month or longer, while it will remain in your blood for about one week later your most recent smoke.  And for the saliva drug test, this will only show you’re smoking session in the previous day.

Then again have you ever wonder about your hair? How long does weed stay in your hair? Well let me just warn you, the answer might suck!

That’s because hair drug test has the longest detection period among all the other tests out there. No wonder why it has been considered by the pot smokers to be the scariest test for the drug evidence.

Hair tests can identify traces of weed in your system as much as seven days after your most recent smoking session. But that doesn’t end there, if your hair samples will be put through more accurate testing, then it will more likely to show traces of weed in your hair for as long as three months after your last smoking session. Just about 1.5 inches of your hair’s end is enough to show the intensity of drug abuse.

But what about your body hair? Well, sad to say, the hair on your underarms, chest, and beard holds more evidence than the hair in your head. Using it for the test will go back around 3 months and makes the medical doctor aware of the weed abuse for this period and all they will ever need is just half an inch.

How Does Actually Hair Tests Work?

Our hair grows due to the tissues called hair follicles. So when these tissues absorb metabolite through our blood, and it gets stored in your hair follicles; take note that your blood helps your hair to grow. Apparently, the more you smoke weed, the more metabolites will be deposited in your hair. This will document your weed usage. Hence, drug hair test can reveal the pattern of your weed abuse just like how the rings of a tree tracks how the season has changed in its entire lifetime.

During the test, a physician will take a hair sample which is just a length of 1.5 inches, the average length a normal hair grows in three months.

Other drug tests include urinalysis, which is the most common type of drug test and is being used by many businesses since it is less expensive than other modes of testing. A blood test can also identify the metabolites in your bloodstream; however, the test normally shows inaccuracies.

How to Pass a Hair Test?

I know the answer is not exactly what you wanted to hear. And I fully understand why you’d feel that way since there’s not really much you can do about this, except for shaving your head which is by the way not really a great idea as this may even disqualify you from taking the drug test, to begin with.

But the good news is, there are products that claim they can take the weed out of your system, including your hair. Here are some tips on how to beat a hair test:

1. Use medical grade hair detoxification shampoos.

The drug metabolites that can be found in your hair have already been structurally and chemically bonded to the core of your hair shaft. So it is already impossible to simply wash them off using regular shampoos. You might even think of a wild idea like using lemon and vinegar to scrub off the weed from your hair; unfortunately, no matter how acid these substances are, they are still not strong enough to do what you desire. Don’t use chemicals with strong formulation such as chlorine bleach too, it will do no good but will even ruin your hair.

Medical grade hair detoxification shampoos are highly suggested to be used in getting rid of any drugs traces. This shampoo is even capable of stopping your hair follicles from producing metabolites. This detox shampoo is specially formulated with the use of certain acid that is not harmful or will not cause hair and scalp damage. They were first developed as an aid to surgery patients or those who need to eliminate medication drug toxins from their system.

Each product claims that you’ll beat a hair follicle test efficiently, but how do you know it is the best product? Well, you can opt for those products that come with up to 200% money-back guarantees.

2. Check yourself first.

I highly suggest that you get yourself an at-home hair drug test kit. In this way, you will be able to treat your hair and then test to know your chances of passing the hair follicle test. If the test shows that there are still too many toxins found in your hair, then you can keep washing your hair with the medical grade hair detoxification shampoo.

Keep doing the process until you pass the test. I know this step may cost you a lot since the home test kit can be expensive, but they’re the only way to make sure that you’ll be able to make it to the hair drug test that might cost you your future job.

3. Other ways to flush out weed out of your system.

Detoxifying to flush out weed out of your system can be challenging especially that it can’t be exactly determined the amount of time weed stay in your system because the presence of weed varies from one person to another, depending on whether the person is first time user, a frequent or occasional user. Fortunately, there are few tricks that may speed up the process.

  • Use fruit pectin. This simple do-it-yourself detox is best used when you want to get rid of weed traces in your urine, saliva, and blood. All you have to do is add your electrolyte drink with a packet of fruit pectin. Since pectin is very high in fiber, it will help you stop the metabolites from getting through your bloodstream or urine.

However, you should know that this method might cause digestive distress like constipation since our digest system finds it hard to break down fibers. Though this may help you pass the drug tests, it is definitely not healthy.

  • Drink some detox juice. Drinking detox juice is one of the most common ways to pass a drug test. This is because the drink will help you dilute your urine and ideally eliminate toxins from your body.

You can drink detox juice several days before your drug test; drink it according to the package direction.

  • Exercise. Exercise is most likely the best way to detoxify your body from the traces of weed. If you still have few weeks to go before your drug test, I suggest that you exercise to burn the fat cells where the metabolites have been stored.

But take note that this can be tricky! Metabolized can be released again into your bloodstream as you burn fat. So if you have a coming drug test, it is not advisable to exercise 24 hours or so before the test.

  • Sauna. This method has not yet been proven to be effective, there is no study yet that shows sweating will efficiently flush out the traces of weed out of your body. However, an amount of metabolites can be excreted in sweat. Wouldn’t it be helpful to explore all options?

Basically, the best way to actually make it such test is to not smoke weed at all, especially if you are well-aware that a drug test are coming up. In most cases, you will be advised to take 110 days or more off the drug before taking any drug test.

Final Thought

Marijuana, cannabis, sativa, weed or whatever the generation is calling it today, it is one of the oldest and most commonly used drug in the world. However, today’s technology has advanced and there is nothing which can’t be detected anymore. It can be through the user’s blood, saliva, urine or hair and each has a different time limit for weed to exist in.

The best thing that can be done is by knowing about the particular limit. Asking questions like “how long does weed stay in your hair?” would absolutely be helpful.

Anyway, I hope this article has answered your questions. If you still want to know more about this topic, don’t hesitate to ask me by leaving your question in the comment section. I will do my best to answer you.

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